Our Experts

Our panel experts

Our panel comprises of over 4,000 experts and this is continually increasing. We are not solely concerned with the quantity of experts but are also focused on the quality of our panel. We have a strict policy for members joining our panel. This includes a stringent screening process to ensure that our experts meet our high standards.

The criteria for our panel experts include:

We offer our panel experts accredited training in independent medico-legal reporting to help aid the process of efficient claim proceedings.


Medico Services is an emerging market leader and has the capacity to pre-book appointment slots across the UK to ensure the greatest availability of appointments in comparison to other agencies.

We also offer a greater number of evening and weekend appointments than our competitors. We understand that your clients may require a medical examination outside of their working hours and we encourage our medical experts to offer greater flexibility with appointment slots.


Our geographically broad panel enables us to offer a medical examination with an expert in all regions of the UK for ease of access. We aim to provide a venue for your clients within a 5-mile radius of their address.


We treat any feedback or complaints very seriously. Any concerns raised by instructing parties in relation to the conduct of the medical examination, quality of medical report or rehabilitation will result in a prompt investigation which may lead to the removal of the relevant expert and a report to the regulatory body.

GP                               Orthopaedic              A&E               Psychologists (Child & Adult)

Psychiatrists             Neurologists                         Plastic Surgeons

Maxillo-Facial Surgeons                Dermatologists                     General Surgeons

Vascular Surgeons                         Cardiologists                         Spinal Surgeons

Chest & Respiratory Physicians                           Urologists      Rheumatologists

General Physicians                         Gynaecologists        Gastroenterologists

Paediatricians                      Ophthalmologists                 Otolaryngology (ENT)

Pain Management               Haematologist                      Oncology