Appointment Bookings

Appointment bookings with patients are managed through our in-house software and booking system. The system is designed with ideas generated with some of our long-standing experienced experts, with combined experience of 40 years in medical legal reporting. Our software would make the requirements of the medical expert a priority in terms of appointment bookings.

Multiple expert diaries can be searched at any one time, allowing us to find the earliest/most suitable appointment for the patient, thus improving service levels. The multiple search option also allows the patient to choose which time and date they would like to attend the appointment.

All documents sent and received with the medical expert are sent online. This not only increases efficiency, but also keeps a solid communication trail with the medical expert whilst actively maintaining our confidentiality.

We understand one way of booking does not work for all clients and so we are entirely flexible and happy to offer different means of booking based on your preference(s).