Technology/IT Infrastructure

Medico Services have built and established an in-house built software that rivals the leading personal injury software available.

The tailor made system compiled and developed by our IT team allows B2B links, as well as an online portal (MS Space) which allows solicitors to keep track of all patients progress, medical report, records and doctor comments. All of this information can be view, accessed and downloaded from our custom build on-line portal.

This enables a fast and effective way of monitoring updates, consistent information flows, stringent security and leading to a paper-less efficient environment.

Medico Services book appointments online through our medical expert diaries and manage appointments with our expert panel. This not only creates a faster turnaround of appointments and reports, but also creates consistency.

The continued focus on service delivery and execution at Medico Services places us as a Tier 1 medical legal report provider through the excellence of our in-house systems which can be tailored to work with our clients business models.