Our services

At Medico Services, we’d rather set industry benchmarks rather than follow them. This is why Medico Services create flexible tailor made packages service that are simple and concise.

Our Medico-Legal services include the following services below:

GP and Specialist field Medical Reporting:

A wealthy database of experienced General Practitioners who produce written medico-legal reports for both insurers and solicitors. We have a stringent screening process before sending you the report, to increase accuracy and efficiency of obtaining a ‘ready to submit’ medical report. We offer medico-legal reporting for all specialists including consultants, you can be sure that we cover your expert of choice.

Nationwide Consultation / Treatment rooms:

A wide selection of Consultation and Treatment facilities nationwide. Thanks to our large panel of experts, we are able to locate within close proximity to the clients address. We also offer home visits to vulnerable clients and those who are unable to travel.


We offer a ‘one point’ service provision for all your client’s rehabilitation including, physiotherapy therapy, Pyschiatric /psychological therapy, CBT and more.

We are able to arrange of X-Rays and MRI Scans with fair proximity to the clients home address. upon immediate requests.


We are able to arrange all your diagnostic measures nationally. typical diagnostic screening include; X-Rays MRI Scans, CT scan, ultrasound and many more.

Obtaining Medical Records:

Medical notes can be an integral process to the preparation of medico-legal reports. We can obtain the medical records for the purpose of medico-legal reporting. We are experts in obtaining these records for the purpose of review in the medical report very efficiently, quicker than any other medical agency because our staff  have wealthy experience within the NHS and are well aware of the procedures and guidelines for obtaining medical records.

Medico Services Limited follows a strict confidentiality policy that protects our clients, claimant and Law firm’s information. Diligent care is taken when claimant’s medical records or other data is handled. To benchmark our confidentiality, we are regulated by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO covering respective Data Protection Acts).