Medico-legal reports

Medico Services focus on the national provision of independent medico-legal reports.

We are able to provide a complete medical report within a fast turnaround time (72 hours). We offer the earliest and most convenient appointment times for your clients. We understand that in order to provide the best service we must ensure there is a good level of communication between you, your client and us.


Below are typical turnaround times for the preparation of medico-legal reports:

  • GP reports completed within 72 hours of the appointment date
  • Orthopaedic reports completed within 5 business days of the appointment date
  • Amendment requests completed within 5 days
How do we obtain fast reports?

We are able to arrange the compilation of medical reports with faster turnaround times than those of our competitors.

We are able to deliver this unique service because our team members consist of a variety of industry experts who are able to draw from experience to ensure we can offer the fastest and highest quality of service.

Some of our team members include file handlers who have an excellent understanding of claim processes and staff members who have been involved in NHS procedures in relation to the Access to Medical Records Act and the Information Commissioner’s Office. We are therefore able to ensure that we acquire medical records speedily and prevent potential delays.

This understanding and expertise has enabled us to have a competitive edge over other agencies. With regard to compilation of records, we can also go the extra mile to ensure your clients’ consent forms are signed and received.

Our software and development team ensures that we stay at the cutting edge; we constantly employ creative and innovative ideas to deliver a premium service.

Our text message confirmation and reminder service will minimise delays caused by non-attendance (DNA).

Medico Services follows a strict confidentiality policy. Diligent care is taken when claimants’ medical records or other data is handled. We are regulated by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Our independent medical reports are quality checked for greater accuracy.


“Wonderful experience, instructions sent 21st this month – appointment arranged for 24th, and report received on 26th” AA** LAW , Personal Injury


All our reports adhere to the Civil Procedure Rules for presentation in UK courts.

Medico Services relieves you of unnecessary workload, leaving you to focus on your case work for faster turnover times. Typical work carried out within this process is outlined below:

  • Appointment letter confirmation to both you and your client(s)
  • Your client will receive a text message confirmation and reminder service
  • We provide a personalised travel plan to ensure appointments are not missed due to poor travel arrangements

You can always expect a premium level of service, which is audited very closely by regional managers who ensure your needs and expectations are always met.