Welcome to Medico Services

Who are we?

One the fastest growing independent Medico-Legal reporting agencies in the UK. Medico Services is a well established medical agency with our head office located in London. We offer unmatched customer support and are expanding in line with an unprecedented demand for our services.

Our services to the legal and insurance industry include provision of medico-legal reports, rehabilitation and diagnostics.


What do we do?

Our strengths in a nutshell:

  • Ministry of Justice compliant rates
  • Medical reports with you in 72 hours
  • Expert nominations within 24 hours
  • Appointment confirmation arranged within 24 hours to instructing party
  • Acquiring medical records faster than our competitors
  • We offer the earliest appointments
  • Specialise in catering for large solicitor firms and insurance companies
  • Longer settlement periods
  • Competitive fee waiver allowance
  • Live online and telephone support
  • Weekend and evening telephone support
  • Over 4000 experienced experts available nationally
  • Access to over 30,000 appointments nationwide
  • Wide range of experts
  • Diagnostic screening
  • Wide range of Rehabilitation
  • Live online portal, which also allows access to completed medical reports
  • Instant support and regular updates from our team
  • UK based medical agency, with no call centres abroad

Medical Reports

Attention-to-detail is a fundamental aspect addressed in any service based company. This is why we focus and ensure that all instructions are handled with due diligence, professionally and efficiently.


Client Service

Medico Services are dedicated to providing you with a quality level of service and execution. Once Medico Services have been selected as the agency of your choice - we would create an agreement with you and Medico Services.


Our Services

Medico Services emphasizes quality through everything we do. In order to maintain consistent quality, we have a small team of Quality Assurance.